The Business Bridge

The Business Bridge Initiative

Our vision is to provide high quality business education for virtually no fee on a global scale to those small businesses that would benefit most. We believe such training leads to venture success and job creation.

Between 2008 and 2011 Business Bridge designed, developed and piloted delivery of two intensive business training programmes for grassroots entrepreneurs; one on sales and marketing and the other on finance and accounting.

In 2012, researchers from London Business School, the World Bank and Jameel Poverty Action Lab conducted a large scale evaluation of the Business Bridge programme in South Africa over two years. Results of the evaluation indicate considerable impact on sales, profits, job creation and business survivorship.

With Business Bridge’s initial mission accomplished, the board has taken the decision to pause the organisation in its current form to enable a new Business Bridge entity to emerge that is better placed to take forward worldwide roll-out. 

We would like to thank our many partner organisations and entrepreneurs in Ghana, India and South Africa that have contributed to our journey so far.

Professor Michael Hay (founder), trustees and staff
June 2015


What our Tutors say

“At the start of the class, several of the delegates raved about the pilot modules they had taken so far. They said that they have found the courses so useful for their businesses.”

Rene Dembo, Johannesburg Tutor